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Starting your own blog is an excellent tool to support your business’s marketing efforts. A quality blog will definitely attract leads, boost your Google search rankings, provide a spark to your Social Media portfolio, and give your name and business a level of credibility previously unreached. Just don’t expect your blog to alone make you a millionaire.

By following the advice provided in this article, and in Part 2 of this article, you should be able to create a very effective blog for your Network Marketing business.

While there are several blogging sites out there available to use, only a few legitimate sites should be considered: WordPress, Blogger (formerly Blogspot), and Tumblr, as prescribed by Jason Fitzpatrick of All three of these options are free, so which one should you choose? I believe Kasia Mikoluk of offers the easiest-to-understand, most comprehensive comparison of the three in this blog. She sums up the differences nicely by stating: “Unless you want your website to have “” in the URL, you’ll need to buy the domain from WordPress or shell out a few dollars to pay for them to map your domain. Blogger is less customizable, but mapping your domain is free. Tumblr is great for certain types of content, but you wouldn’t use it for a business requiring transactions or a writing blog with long-form pieces.”

Owned by Google, previously called, Blogger is the basic blogger’s dream site. It’s easy to get started and use, it’s synced with your Google Mail (gmail) address and Google Plus profile, and it’s even easy to customize designs. Plus, since it is owned by Google, many SEO experts perceive that blogs created on Blogger rank higher and quicker in Google search rankings than WordPress blogs.

Not just a blogging site, WordPress has evolved into a legitimate, extremely popular web site creation tool. For that purpose, WordPress may be the perfect choice for your small business or Network Marketing blog if you have not yet created a web site for your business. You can start your blog with a free design and when your business has evolved to the level of making a web site, you can simply transform your WordPress site into a highly functional web site. The biggest downside on WordPress is cost: WordPress doesn’t charge for basic features, but if you want to customize your blog’s design on WordPress, you’ll have to pay.

This is perhaps my favorite question I used to ask all the time as a newspaper reporter. Aspiring young reporters would come to me for career advice. I would ask what they are interested in. They’d say writing. I’d ask what else. They’d say they don’t know. I’d then ask “So then, you want to be writer with no topic?”

The key to writing and blogging alike is one intensely important ingredient: passion. You must have a passion for what you write. I have a passion for all things marketing and for sports. So what do you think I write about? I can tell you this: I always hated covering city council meetings and police reports. Everyone has a passion. Every blogger has a passion. How do you effectively portray that passion in your blog? This post from Shoutmeloud.comexplains some key factors.

As a Network Marketer, you probably already have a passion either for your products or for your business. Write about that. I recall, not long after graduating college with a minor in physiology, joining the marketing staff at a very prominent MLM company that distributes a variety of products, including: eco-friendly home cleaning solutions, feminine products, beauty products, fitness products, medical products, and health benefits alternatives. At first, I was assigned to be the writer for the health benefits alternatives. Yawn. I had no passion for that. Later I was invited to be the writer for the new candle division. Bigger yawn. Things got better when assigned to the medical products. But I found my home writing for their fitness products, which correlated perfectly with my education and passion for the human body’s functions.

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