Side Effects of Online Marketing


  • Overwhelm – The entrepreneur has looked at too many things and/or is listening to too many gurus all teaching different strategies.
  • Confusion Contusion – The entrepreneur knows there are so many ways to market and grow a business and now is confused on what steps to take next. The steps may even be laid out in a very nice “getting started” section but due to too much marketing vaccines they are confused on how to even follow through in taking their prescription (getting started section).
  • Frustration Laceration – The entrepreneur begins to feel angry, stupid, or not good enough. The entrepreneur experiences frustration when their is a disconnect in expectations. An entrepreneur often feels that they should be further along than they actually are and/or expects things to be extremely easy without having any basis on how hard/easy a specific task actually is.
  • Impatient Patient – The entrepreneur has not arrived at the realization that they are exactly where they are supposed to be at this exact moment in time. The more time of inactivity goes by for an online marketer the greater their impatience grows. Rather than being thankful that they are learning the entrepreneur will be tempted to quit or throw in the towel moments before their breakthrough. (this one particularly kills me as there are so many superstars in the making that have not yet realized their own potential)
  • Comparitus – Is an insidious side effect of an overdose of marketing vaccine. In a short amount of time the entrepreneur begins to compare themselves or their results to other entrepreneurs who have large followings and considerable time under their belts.
  • Know-It-All-itus – The entrepreneur is getting some results or has taken a variety of vaccines and now is falsely immune to any other future marketing sicknesses or vaccine treatments. This prideful side effect is deadly and will stunt the growth of any entrepreneur, beginner or veteran. They can not learn anymore and would rather share with you what they know. “Fools find no pleasure in understanding, but delight in airing their own opinions.” – Proverbs 18:2
  • Paralysis Analysis – The Entrepreneur is paralyzed and does nothing. At the most this side effect keeps an entrepreneur in the planning and dreaming phase and they never develop their marketing muscles. The simple solution to this one is to flex and bust out of paralysis by making 1 decision and executing even if its the wrong one, after all its easier to make course adjustments once treatment is in process rather than before its even started.

Are you experiencing any side effects? Perhaps you just become aware of multiple side effects! Now don’t panic, Marketing Doctor Ron Gelok III is in the house and has the perfect prescription to alleviate your side effects.

Now their is 1 simple solution to all of these diseases, side effects and vaccines. It’s actually the #1 Underrated Skill Set In Business. It is something that people even scoff at at times not realizing the importance in magnitude of its development. Before I give you this coveted solution did you notice where all of these side effects are taking place? Think about it for a second.

You now know the 5 skills you need to start building your network marketing business online! You don’t have to have everything in place right now. Just start with the first two skills and work your way down the list as your audience grows.

Soon you’ll find that your online network marketing efforts have taken your business to the next level, with a bigger downline, and residual earnings coming through endlessly!

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