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eBiz Rotator Is a Responsible Service that prides itself as being A TE Friendly Site. We do take what it is that we do very seriously. For this very reason Every Page That Is Added To A Rotator Is Tested in an effort To Better Help Protect You and Your Membership At Any Traffic Exchange that You May Be A Member Of. I use a Monitoring System that Works in The Back Ground Constantly Testing Any and All Sites That Are In Each Rotator. We basically test your site and clean out all of the nasties so they can cause no harm to anyone.

Just below you will find a list of questions along with detailed answers to better Help You To Understand What These Nasties Are and Why They Are Not Permitted. I Do Hope This Information is Helpful to You. They are General Rules That Abide By The 'Terms' of The Majority Of Traffic Exchanges in Internet Land.

#1) A Prompt Box Is: any type of a web tool, pop up or script that 'Prompts' the visitor viewing your site to take an action.

A perfect example of this is a Virtual Agent Script. These scripts actually stop the surf and require the member viewing your site to stop and click before the page will close. Most times, the visitor viewing your site gets angry as it does interfere with their viewing pleasure. For this very reason, Traffic Exchanges had to ban their use.

Click on this link and you will see exactly what I mean by this:

Click on the link just above to open the page and then try to close the page as you normally would and you will see what I mean. If by some chance you can not see it, some are set on cookies. Just delete your cookies and try again. You should now be able to see it.

Many ClickBank links contain these type of Agent Scripts. Please use extra care when selecting ClickBank products to promote! You will have no public place to advertise them. It is very easy to check your pages for this, Before You Add Them To Your Rotator! Please do so...

It is important to note that any type of a Pop Up, including 'Exit Pops' that requires the visitor viewing your page to have to physically click, before it will close is considered the very same as a Prompt Box. If you use a 'General Rule' that the Pop Up will close on its own when you close the page, you will be just fine. I like to refer to this as what I call Internet Etiquette. It is considered quite rude to use these type of tools in your pages. It is just not necessary to do so. There are tools available that will do the very same thing, but are not intrusive and annoying to the visitor.

The very same is also true for any pop up that opens in a new window. These pop ups are quite annoying to your visitor!... Especially if that visitor is viewing your site at a Traffic Exchange. The visitor ends up with opened windows down on their task bar and have no idea what site they even came from. These 'New Window' pop ups are considered old fashion but there are some out there that still get past the Pop Up Blockers. Although some Traffic Exchanges do permit 'One' of these pop ups per site, eBiz Rotator is a TE Friendly Site so we have to abide by the rules of the majority of TE's out there so we can not permit them. Sorry... ALL sites containing 'Prompt Boxes' will be deleted!

#2) A Frame Breaker Is: any web page that contains special code that 'Breaks' the 'Frame' of any other page that your site may be in.

Example: All Traffic Exchanges use 'Frames' while you are surfing their site. The top Frame usually has the timer, a banner and a few links, while they also have a Bottom Frame that contains related information to that site or just regular ads. If your web page contains 'Frame Breaker Code' it will cause the top and bottom 'frame' to completely disappear and all you will see is your page. It completely Stops Your Surf Session and the visitor viewing your page has to login to the site again and restart their surf session.

The best way to explain this to you, is to show you so you can see this for yourself.

Please follow these instructions and you will get to see what a Frame Breaker is first hand:

Click on this link to open the Frame Tester:
(It opens in a new page so you will not lose your place.)

This is a little Frame Breaker Tester that I added to the site, myself. I have used it many times before my Admin Control System was programmed into the script. It is a simple tool, but it does work.

Now that you have the Frame Breaker Tester page open please copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) or type this URL into the little window by the 'Check URL' Button. Yes, the little window where you see: http://
You Do Not have to click this link or anything like that. We are just using it in the Frame Breaker Tester cause we know it is 'Not' a Frame Breaker. Be careful that you do not have the http:// in the window twice. It will not work if you do.

Now that you have the link in that little window, Please Click the Check URL button. A New Page Will Open that will Test the URL.

The very first thing you will see is 'A Top Frame That Has A Small Timer' that counts down. That white bar at the top of the page that you see, is a Frame. When it has finished counting down you will now see:

If you can see this message, This Site Is Not a Frame Breaker.
                  You May Safely Add It to Your Rotator!

Now Please CLOSE That New Frame Tester Page cause it Will Keep Refreshing Like That and then Come Back Here!

We Are Going to Do This Again, BUT This Time We Are Going To use A Frame Breaker Site!

AWeber, the Auto Responder that everyone talks about so much, is a Frame Breaker. Please Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) or type this link into the little window just like you did the first time and Click the 'Check URL' button:

Did you see how that 'Top Frame' disappeared? If you did not see it, try it again. You really have to pay attention cause The Top Frame disappears quite fast.

This is Exactly what happens when you add a Frame Breaker site to any Traffic Exchange. The Top Surf Bar that usually has the timer (Manual Surf) and where you click to view the next site and the Bottom Surf Bar completely disappear and your surf window is just gone. The Frame Breaker completely consumes your surf page and causes it to Vanish! You No Longer have your surf page or the Traffic Exchange open as the Frame Breaker caused the site to disappear! The member who is surfing when the Frame Breaker site opens, has to log back in to the site and start their surf session all over again! This makes the member rather angry cause they have to start all over again and this is just not necessary at all! As you can see, Frame Breakers and Traffic Exchanges just do not go well together!...:)))

I Do Hope this Has Helped You To Understand Just What a Frame Breaker Is and Why They are Not Permitted!...:)

#3) A Virtual Agent Script Is: a php script that many use in their sales pages. It is usually activated when the visitor viewing the page tries to close the page and leave the site. A dialogue box opens and it appears that a person is talking to you directly, when in fact it is nothing more then a script that has been set up to make you think it is real, when it is not. This script will offer you something a little less for a smaller price. These type of scripts are quite intrusive and annoying to the visitor and is why they have been banned for use on all advertising sites such as Traffic Exchanges.

There are scripts out there that are much more user friendly and will do the same thing, but you are able to continue on your way and close the page in the usual manner. I would like to add that these type of scripts do work very well and have been proven to increase sales by as much as 300% and more! The biggest problem comes in when affiliates try to promote the product. Using these scripts greatly reduces their advertising resources.

Click on this link and you will see exactly what An Agent Script Is:

For a more detailed explanation see #1 just above.

#4) A Paid To Promote Link Is: a link usually provided to you from a PTC - Paid to Click + Paid To Read Site. It is basically a rotator itself. Each time the page loads, it displays another different advertisers page. The reason why they pay their members to promote. Thus you have - PTP. Most all Paid To Sites that I know of, do not approve the use of a rotator by their members as it is seen as a way to cheat their system out of money. It is against their Terms. The 'Paid To Site' pays their members a certain amount of money to advertise their 'Paid To Promote' link at various sites, such as traffic exchanges, other Paid To Sites and just about any place where you can advertise... You are paid so much - determined by the site that you are a member of - for each and every page view.

Advertisers pay the 'Paid To Site' to do advertising for them and they in turn pay their members to show these ads all over the internet. Usually after the advertiser has been approved by the Paid To Site, they add things like auto downloaders, cookie droppers, cheat code, hidden iframes..etc. to their web pages. Auto downloaders can crash your PC! They can attack and download Trojans as well as other very harmful programs without your knowledge. These programs can activate at any given time, so the user may not know where it came from or how they got it.

The average 'Paid To Site' is quite harmless and is run by very responsible web masters. Like most things, it is the few bad sites out there that give the type of site a bad reputation. Shame this is, but very true. Personally, I Like PTC sites.

#5) A Hidden iFrame Is: basically HTML Code that is placed inside a web page, that is so small in size that it is not visible by the human eye. iFrames are really quite useful when used in the proper manner. The main problem is when the unscrupulous web master uses them to hide code inside of a web page in such a way to cheat and steal from you and me. They are also 'Very Dangerous' to the average internet user as they can download a number of things to your PC including Trojans. Hidden iFrames are also used to download files onto your PC without you knowing a thing about it!... Only to have it activate a couple of weeks or months later and steal all of your Credit Card info or even just for Fun, completely crash your PC and wipe your hard drive completely clean! These are better known as Auto Downloaders.

The situation has gotten completely out of control and is why most Advertising Sites and Traffic Exchanges forbid the use of Hidden iFrames completely! There is a very big difference between an iFrame and a Hidden iFrame.

Example: Lets just pretend that you just purchased 10,000 Real Live Unique Visitors to your site, or even 10,000 Banner impressions at an ad site... You see, all they have to do is load a hidden iframe in the code of their page and when that page loads, when someone opens the page, it actually counts on 'Their End' as a Real Live Unique Visitor or A Real Banner Impression that you took your money and paid for, but No One Saw It! You see, the Hidden iFrame is so small in size - usually 0x0 px or 1x1 px - that it can not be viewed. A regular banner ad is usually 468x60px in size so think of this same banner ad being 0x0 or 1x1px in size. It can not be viewed by the human eye... Not One Person Visited Your Site, No One saw Your Banner cause it was nothing more than hidden code inside a web page and they just cheated you and stole your hard earned money!

A little harsh maybe, but it is the truth!

eBiz Rotator has a 'No Hidden iFrames Policy'. All sites that contain Hidden iFrames will be deleted. Regular iFrames are just fine.

#6) You Are Not Permitted to Add A Rotator from Another Rotator Site Inside Your eBiz Rotator: for the simple fact that I have no way to know what is inside that rotator so I Can Not Approve Content I Can Not See. It is not unusual for a web site you are promoting to add various tools to their site 'After' it has already been approved the first time. Webmasters update their sites in an effort to improve their business and many just do not know the harm some of these tools can cause to another. Including me and you... It is Most Difficult to find the offending site if it happens to be in an off site rotator. It is very important to make sure your rotator is clean and stays this way.

I do approve certain types of rotators, such as Splash Page Rotators from Reputable Sites. Splash pages are much smaller in size, when compared to a full web site. Using A Rotator Inside of Another Causes Extra Strain On the Database and Can Actually Crash The Site.

You should also Be Aware Of The Fact That There Are Many Rotator Sites Out There in Internet Land that Do Not Have Any Type Of Tools In Place To Test Your Sites For The Nasty Elements That Are Out There In Internet Land! By Using These Sites You ARE Actually Jeopardizing Your Membership At Any And ALL Traffic Exchanges That Do Permit The Use Of Rotators On Their Exchange! A Very Bold Statement I Know, But It IS Just The Truth! You See I Learned All Of This First Hand as eBiz Rotator Use To Be One Of These Sites! I Learned By Trial and Error Just How Important It Is To Have Such Tools In Place!... It Took A Great Deal Of Money And Custom Programming Skills To Get eBiz Rotator To What It Is Today! eBiz Rotator Is A Site That You Can Be Proud To Be A Member Of! Cause I Built It! I Built It Just For YOU!...

#7) You May Not Put a Rotator Inside of Another Rotator for the fact that it causes an extra strain on the database and can actually crash the site. In essence you Are Rotating Two Rotators At The Same Time.

I can not be responsible for the content that is permitted to be used on another rotator site. This way I know what sites are being rotated on our site and by who. This gives me control over the content that I do permit. Please see #6 just above. However, very recently a problem was found with the database that has now been corrected. I will talk to my programmer about this as I was told about server load problem by another programmer. If I receive a positive opinion from him I will permit the use of other rotators from 'Reputable Sites' on a trial basis to see how it goes. I will let you know about this.

#8) A rotator is an Awesome tool, to better help you to manage your advertising. You are able to place different URLs (sites) inside your rotator and every time your rotator URL is clicked, a new page will be displayed.

A rotator is very much the same as a cookie jar... Silly I know, but maybe this will help you to understand the concept of a rotator a little better. Much the same way as a cookie jar is a container for cookies, so is a rotator when you think about sites. You know there are cookies in the cookie jar but you do not know how many there are, how big they are, what kind they are or what is in them. The same is also true for a rotator.

A rotator is very much like a container that has sites inside of it, but no one except for you and me know exactly what is inside of that rotator. When others see your rotator URL they have no way to know how many sites you have in that rotator, what kind they are, how big they are or what is inside those sites. The reason your sites are tested. All others can ever see is your rotator URL... This is one of my personal free member rotators. Just click on it and your browser window will open. Now refresh the page by clicking on the refresh button located in the top left of your browser bar. Looks like a circle with an arrow on the end. Every time you refresh your page, you will see a different site.

You are able to advertise all of the programs you are a member of, just by using the one rotator URL. It does 'exactly' as the name. It 'rotates' all of the URLs (sites) that you place inside of your rotator.

A rotator can also save you a lot of time and work, especially if you are promoting several affiliate programs / memberships at once and happen to join a new one. Since all of your sites are contained inside of your rotator and are managed by using just the one URL, You only have to add it the one time to your rotator, and this automatically updates all of the traffic exchanges you may be a member of. A much easier way to manage your advertising.

It can also save you a LOT Of Money!...

Let us say you have a membership at a traffic exchange, and they only permit you to advertise five URL's but you have more than that... You can advertise all of your sites, by using just the one URL. Since we start you off with three free rotators you are able to advertise  fifteen (15)  Thirty (30) sites just using three URLS.

Each time your rotator URL comes up, one of your sites will be shown at the traffic exchange. Your rotator, rotates all of the pages you have in your rotator so you are much better able to manage your advertising and make the very best use of all of your ad credits you may have at this site.

Most all traffic exchanges make you upgrade if you wish to have more than the five URLs and this can be quite expensive, especially if you have a few memberships. TE fees, are quite expensive these days and can cost a small fortune! I would like to add that the More Expensive a site is, Does Not Mean It Is Better! A site may look fancy, but do not let this fool you as they May Not Deliver You Quality Hits! So shop around and Compare Prices Before You Upgrade!

Now let us say that you wish to advertise some ClickBank products as an affiliate... ClickBank pays an average of 70% commissions on their products, which is really very good... BUT the biggest problem with this is what we call link choppers. I am not certain if you have seen a ClickBank link or not, but it is very easy for a person to take out your CB user ID and replace it with their own and they earn the commission on their own purchase!

Please see #3 just above for important information related to Click Bank and promoting products.

If you should have a rotator with just ClickBank products inside, they can not do this and steal from you, as all they will see is your rotator URL in the address bar, thus protecting your hard earned commissions!

Some use one rotator for one thing, while they use another for a different program... I shall explain...

Let us say you joined a new program and are starting to build a downline under yourself and you wish for this downline to grow even more. You would then take all of the URLs, the referral URLs for the members you have below you and place all of these in one rotator.

This permits you to concentrate your efforts on this rotator and 'Grow' your downline, by sending traffic to their sites. Keep in mind as an upgraded member you have full use of our Optional Top Frame. If you are doing a Particular Marketing Campaign for Your Favorite Program, You Can Enable Your Top Frame for that Rotator and Display Your Own Banner Ads Related to That Site. Thus drawing Much More Attention to Your Program. Awesome Potential for You When You Think About It.

You may wonder why you would ever want to sent traffic to their sites, but you see, by helping them to grow their downline, you are in essence helping yourself to grow as when they grow and prosper, so do you!

Not only this, if they are able to get a few members - depends what the program is - this gets them all excited and makes them want to work all the more, thus helping you to build up 'Your' business, cause they are in 'Your' downline and the more they grow and prosper, the more you do! Kinda KOOL when you think about it!...

Many also do paid advertising campaigns. They set up a rotator with their most important programs (such as just above) and then send paid visitors to their rotator in an effort to prosper in one way or another, depending on what they are doing.

There are sites out there that do this. Paid ad campaigns. Send actual visitors to your rotator URL or do an email campaign, send a mailing to several thousand, and the link in that email, goes directly back to your rotator URL. Thus sending targeted traffic to ALL of your sites, in that certain rotator.

Instead of sending traffic to just the one site, you are able to promote all of them at the same time! Thus spending your advertsing budget, in a much more effective manner.

Many members have several rotators and use the different ones for various programs and ad campaigns.

Many also use a rotator for what is called split testing. (rotating sales pages) They place a few different versions of a sales page in their rotator, in an effort to see which page results in the most sales and will then use that one page. This results in more sales for them as they have already tested and know the results.

As an upgraded member you also have access to some Awesome stats! It shows you in an instant, the IP address address of the click, the actual date and time they clicked on your link, AND also the very link they clicked on to get that hit! The link where they Came From!

This IS very powerful stuff, as it shows you in an instant what advertising is working and what is not!

Say you have so many credits at one site, or are sending paid traffic to your rotator, the stats show you where this person came from. As in Traffic Exchange #1, sent you four visitors... You would see: so you know it is worth your effort to advertise at that site as it is paying off for you!

As an Upgraded Member you also do not have that top frame you saw, when you clicked on my rotator URL just above.

Now this part can work two ways... You see, as a free member your name and referral URL is in that Text Link (Recommended By: YOUR NAME HERE - Get Your Three FREE Rotators Today!) you see in the top frame and when anyone clicks on it and joins the site, they will be placed in your downline. Should they upgrade their membership, you will earn a commission for every month that they remain upgraded. That free member frame is displayed thousands and thousands of times a day all over the internet.

Not Only That! Since we have Our Very Own In House Mailer You Are Also Able To eMail Your Downline and Promote Your Product and Services... Who better to Market Your Goods or Services to, then Like Minded Individuals Such As Yourself.

Most Upgraded Members do not like to have that top frame, but rather they prefer to use our Optional Personalize Top Frame so they can rotate their own banner ads and draw much more attention to their program or affiliate offers. They just prefer not to have it as they are professional marketers and want to advertise their sites and not have the visitor distracted by seeing other ads. These members who are interested in promoting the site in an effort to earn, will use their referral URL to promote the site. Put their referral URL right in their rotators and get new members this way and / or place our banners ads on their site or at the Traffic Exchanges they are a member of.

I do sell advertising on the site... I have installed two customized ad managers to use for the site. Each ad manager is unique to it's own type of ads. You can find additional information on this under the 'Advertise' link or visit the ad managers personally. The links are there. I often have Special Offers available and since our site receives over 50,000 page views per day and always rising, it is worth taking a look.

These ads are displayed on the top and bottom of every page on our site and also in the top frame of our free member rotators. Just 'CLICK HERE' and you will see what I mean. It is a very good way to advertise as our members belong to a lot of sites and your ads do get viewed all over the internet. Actually, all over the world!

I do hope I have been able to give you a much broader vision of just what a rotator is, what you can use a rotator for and how best to manage your advertising efforts.

I have added several features and customized programming to the site, such as a link cloaker, a referral mailer that permits you to email your downline and also the 'Came From' tracking... I am always adding more new features to the site in an effort to bring you more tools to better help you in your marketing efforts.

Should you have any questions or are unclear about any of this, just click the 'Contact Us' link just above and send along your direct questions. I will do my very best to answer them! It is my pleasure to assist you...

If you are not currently a member, Do Come Join us! It Truly Would Be A Pleasure To Have You! At eBiz Rotator You are So Much More Than Just A Member! You Are Somebody and You Really DO Matter!

Kindest Regards...

Shirley Anne White
eBiz Rotator

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