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One of the biggest mistakes network marketers make when they get online is having the wrong approach to branding.

You’ve likely already seen proof of that yourself as you’ve surfed the internet… especially on social media.

Most people get online, get excited, and immediately all of their marketing looks like an ad for their company. They constantly promote their business opportunity… or their products.

They proudly splash the name of the company all over the place.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of the company you’re promoting. However, you may have already realized this doesn’t work! So what does work?

Think about it, even this blog has a social networking aspect to it. You can read this, then make a comment, or ask a question below this article… and we can answer or comment right back to you. You can even click one button and share it to any social media platform you want.

When you interact with people online, and you do it often, eventually you become familiar face and name to them. They begin to “know” you.

Of course the more you like their posts, add value to their posts with helpful content, or share their content with your followers… the more they begin to “like” you.

Eventually you build enough of a connection and trust where they may feel like they want to know more about YOU, what kind of business you’re involved in, or the products you sell. Attraction marketing at it’s finest.

So we’ve been talking about building the brand of YOU, and establishing yourself as an authority that people know like and trust.

The way to do that and build your network marketing business online is by consistently providing valuable content to your marketplace. This will attract your target audience to YOU.

By selflessly providing value without them even asking, you build know, like, and trust! This is the way to make people want to connect with you and join your business, or purchase your products.

Now that you understand the need for valuable content, you’re going to want to get targeted visitors to it.

One of the toughest things new marketers struggle with is getting traffic to their content. In other words, you need to take people from the information highway, and steer them toward the valuable content that you create.

In a nutshell, online traffic is more about redirecting the flow of traffic toward your content and offers. The traffic is constantly flowing already!

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