How to Fix Slow Windows Startup


Some readers write to me to complain their computers start up extremely slow. They have to wait for a long time for the booting. Some of them power up the computers and it seems to take forever to load. In addition, they can do nothing even though after entering the windows system within a few of minutes.

Here are some effective tips for you to get your sweet computer boot smoothly and quickly. With these easy ways, your Windows XP slow startup may have improved may even be fixed.

1. I strongly suggest you install some kind of anti-virus program on your computer to prevent any infection from virus,spyware, malware and worms. They not only slow down the startup speed but also will affect your whole computer performance even crash the system. To fix the slow Windows startup problem, eliminating any virus on your computer is the first step.

2. You can try this method to fix your Windows slow startup. Click “Start” menu–Run and then type in “msconfig“. From there please terminate some unnecessary services and applications which run automatically at the system startup. And reboot your computer finally. The more services enabled at the startup, the slower startup would be because the operating system needs time to run those services and applications before entering the whole system.

3. Furthermore, to fix slow Windows startup, you can access the boot menu by loading your MSCONFIG. During the boot up your computer issues a time out to find new hardware and software. You can short this time to boost your startup speed.

a. Open your Start menu
b. Click Run
c. In the command screen type msconfig
d. In the system configuration utility,click either BOOT tab.
e. In the boot menu, change the default setting for Time Out from 30 to 5 seconds.

4. Cleaning the Prefetch Cache is also another good method to speed up the boot time. Enter the C:WINDOWS/Prefetch folder and delete all of the PF Files. Reboot your computer to have a try!

5. If you feel hard to finish above steps you can try to download some system optimization tools such as Registry Easy to take good care of your whole computer totally. Slow Windows startup? Will not happen any more! With the “Startup Management” function of Registry Easy, you can easily disable applications which are launched automatically at the system startup to keep your boot time short and sweet.

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