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#1) How many URLS am I allowed to enter into the rotator?
#2) What kind of sites are not allowed to be used in the rotator?
#3) I Do Not Speak very Good English. Can I still Join Your Site?
#4) I am not getting any hits to my sites. Why?
#5) Can I add Non English Sites To My Rotator? Sites in Another Language?
#6) If I join your site do I have to promote it?
#7) How Many Rotators Can I have as a Free Member?
#8) How Many Rotators can I have as a Pro Member?
#9) How Many Rotators can I have as a Web Master Member?
#10) Can I remove the advertisement from my rotator?
#11) Can I put my PTP link in my rotator?
#12) I use a Spam Filtering Program. Can I join your site?
#13) I sent you an eMail and then My Account Was Deleted. Why?

NOTE: We Test and Check Each and Every URL Manually to Ensure Our Members Follow The Rules. I Do Random Checks On URLS Previously Approved To Ensure No Inappropriate Content has Been Added To The Site, after it was first approved. It Is Not Uncommon for Unscrupulous Members To Add Inappropriate Content To Their Site, After it was Approved the First Time!

#1) You Are Allowed:
Free Members:  Five (5)  TEN (10) URLS Per Rotator.

Pro Members: Twenty Five (25) URLS Per Rotator.

Web Master Members: UNLIMITED URLS Per Rotator.

#2) You Are Not Allowed to include any Adult Content, Illegal Content, Hate Content, Hidden iFrames, Frame Breakers, Auto Downloaders, any Pop Up or Live Agent Scripts that require the person viewing your page to click before it will close, or Other Rotators. Please understand that I have no way to know what is inside that rotator. I simply can not approve content I can not see. They are also a strain on our database. Please 'Go Here' for more information.

#3) You Must Be Able To Speak Enough English For Us To Communicate With Each Other Should A Problem Arise. It is important that you be able to read and understand the instructions on the site so you know how everything works. If you can understand what is written on this page, then you may join.

#4) You Are Not Getting Any Hits to Your Sites for the fact A Rotator Is Not a Traffic Service but rather a tool that better helps you to manage your traffic and the hits to your sites. Placing your rotator URLS at traffic exchanges is an excellent way for you to get free quality traffic to your sites. Please See '#8' Here.

#5) Non English Sites: I have given this question a Great Deal of thought... I only know how to speak and write English. For me to be able to approve your pages I must take the time to translate them, so I can read them. IF I have The Time To Translate Your Site, I Will Do So. BUT Under NO Circumstances Are You Permitted To Add Your eBiz Rotator URL To An English Speaking Site! The 'Terms Of Agreement' Of ALL Traffic Exchanges That I Know Of State Your Sites Must Be Mostly In English. You MUST Advertise On Sites In Your Own Language!

#6) No, If You Join Our Site You Do Not Have To Promote At All! This is an extra feature we wanted to make available to you should you wish to do so. It is completely optional. However, if you did decide to do so you may possibly earn yourself some monthly referral commissions. Just a little something to think about.

#7) As A Free Member you will get 3 FREE Rotators

#8) As a Pro Member You will get 10 Rotators with Twenty Five (25) URLS.

#9) As a Web Master Member You will get UNLIMITED Rotators (25) with UNLIMITED URLS.

#10) Yes! You Can Remove the Advertisement by Upgrading your Account to Pro or Web Master.

#11) No! You Can Not Put Your PTP Link in Your Rotator! The majority of PTP sites forbid the use of rotators in their Terms Of Service. We will not knowingly permit our members to break the Terms of another site. ALL PTP URLS will be deleted. For Further Clarification Please Go Here and Select #4.

#12) No! We are a Business and as such We Do Not Send You Spam. We Never Have and Never Will! If we contact you in regards to an error with one of your sites, or for any other important reason we do not have the extra time it takes to always confirm our eMail address. Using Auto Replies and Auto Responders just fills up our mail box.

#13) Verbal Abuse! If you sent us an eMail That Was Verbally Abusive Your Account Was Deleted For Violating Our Terms of Agreement. We Will Not Tolerate Threats, Profanity and Insults of any sort! Doing so is completely unacceptable and is cause for Immediate Termination of Your Membership. We always conduct ourselves in a professional manner and expect for you to do the same.


I have tried my very best to explain these rules to you, in an effort to better help you to understand just how the site works. If there is something that you do not understand just click the 'Contact Us' link just above and ask...

At eBiz Rotator you are so much more than just a member! You are somebody and you really do matter! As always, I do thank you for your support.

Kindest Regards...

Shirley Anne White
eBiz Rotator

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